IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2
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IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2

Bạn đang ôn luyện IELTS Cambridge 16 nhưng gặp khó khăn về từ vựng? TDP gửi đến bạn tổng hợp từ IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2. Cùng với TDP học thêm những từ sau đây nhé!

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2 - TDP IELTS
IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2 – TDP IELTS

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Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
majority (n)   mass, great number minority, few huge majority

majority opinion

The majority of the students voted in favor of extending the school’s library hours.
prehistoric (adj) prehistory (n): tiền sử outdated, old, past, ancient modern, new, recent   Archaeologists discovered prehistoric cave paintings dating back thousands of years.
expose (v) exposed (adj): để lộ ra reveal, show, display cover, conceal, hide completely expose

constantly expose

The investigative journalist worked tirelessly to expose corruption within the government.
original (adj) origin (n): nguồn gốc

originally (adv): đầu tiên

primary, first, native last, final, ultimate highly original The artist’s original painting was highly sought after by collectors.
representation (n) represent (v): đại diện

representative (n): người đại diện

representative (adj): mang tính đại diện

demonstration, performance   generate a representation

visual representation

The parliament aims to have fair representation of different communities and regions.
adequate (adj) adequacy (n): sự đầy đủ

adequately (adv)

plenty, enough, fair lacking, limited, poor remain adequate

more than adequate

The company implemented adequate safety measures to protect its employees.
fertility (n)   productivity dryness fertility awareness

fertility rate

The fertility clinic provided various treatments to couples struggling to conceive.

Reading Test 2: I Contain Multitudes

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2.2

Topic: Biology

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Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
invisible (adj) invisibility (n): tàng hình

invisibly (adv):  không thể nhìn thấy

hidden, unseen noticeable, revealed, obvious become invisible

totally invisble

The creature had the ability to become invisible, making it difficult to detect.
colony (n) colonial (adj): thuộc địa territory, clan, community   overseas colonies

establish a colony

The ants established a thriving colony under the tree.
vary (v) variability (n): sự thay đổi

variable (adj): hay biến đổi

variably (adv): khác nhau

alter, change, range fix, stabilize considerably vary

slightly vary

The weather can vary greatly from one region to another.
endure (v) endurance (n): sức chịu đựng, sức bền

endurable (adj): có thể chịu được

remain, keep up, tolerate quit, stop, pass   Despite facing hardships, the team endured and eventually reached the summit.
tolerance (n) tolerant (adj): khoan dung

tolerantly (adv)

sufferance resistance high tolerance Promoting tolerance and understanding is essential for a harmonious society.
vital (adj) vitality (n): sức sống

vitally (adv): cực kỳ

healthy, strong, dynamic unnecessary, dead, dull absolutely vital

become vital

Good nutrition is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
nurture (v)   raise, foster, bring up abuse, neglect   Parents nurture their children’s talents and interests to help them grow.
organism (n)   body, system, creature     Biologists study various types of organisms, from bacteria to complex mammals.
digestion (n) digest (v): tiêu hóa

digestive (adj): (giúp) tiêu hóa

ingestion   poor digestion The process of digestion breaks down food in the body for energy and nutrients.
eliminate (v) elimination (n): sự xóa bỏ remove, erase, expel insert, fix, add completely eliminate

be designed to eliminate

The goal is to eliminate waste and reduce environmental pollution.
excessive (adj) excess (n): phần dư

excessively (adv): dư thừa

extreme, wasteful, extra average, normal, fair a little excessive Excessive consumption of sugary drinks can lead to health problems.
diverse (adj) diversely (adv): đa dạng different, other, various same, similar, alike ethnically diverse population The city is known for its diverse cultural heritage and vibrant community.
appealing (adj) appeal (v): thu hút

appealingly (adv): cuốn hút

attractive, charming boring, tiresome, awful seem appealing

quite appealing

The beautiful scenery and friendly locals make the destination highly appealing to tourists.
predator (n) predate (v): săn mồi hunnter, carnivore prey, victim, target   The lion is a fierce predator, hunting for its prey in the savannah.
enthusiasm (n) enthusiast (n): người hâm mộ

enthusiastic (adj): nhiệt tình

enthusiastically (adv)

passion, joy, craze, interest boredom, lack of interest be full of enthusiasm

express enthusiasm

personal enthusiasm

The team’s enthusiasm for the project was contagious, motivating everyone to work harder.
infect (v) infection (n): sự lây nhiễm

infectious (adj): truyền nhiễm

infected (adj): bị lây nhiễm

spread, affect, transform, spoil protect, cure, heal, prevent  

A contagious virus can easily infect people who come into contact with an infected person.

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Reading Test 3: How to make wise decisions

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 2.3

Topic: Psychology

Cùng điểm qua một số từ vựng IELTS Academic chủ đề Psychology sau đây nhé!

  WF Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
wisdom (n)   insight, knowledge inexperience profound wisdom

words of wisdom

The wise elder shared his wisdom, gained through years of experience.
examine (v) examination (n): việc nghiên cứu, kiểm tra

examinee (n): thí sinh

examiner (n): giám khảo

question, notice, study skip, miss, overlook closely examine

briefly examine

The detective carefully examined the crime scene for any clues.
exceptional (adj) exception (n): ngoại lệ rare, unusual, extraordinary common, popular, general   The talented musician gave an exceptional performance that left the audience mesmerized.
unique (adj) uniquely (adv): độc nhất vô nhị special, exclusive normal, standard, plain make sth unique


Each snowflake is unique, with its own distinct pattern.
enhance (v) enhancement (n): sự cải tiến

enhanced (adj): được cải tiến

improve, grow, develop diminish, lessen, worse   The new software update is expected to enhance the functionality of the app.
external (adj)   outside, exposed, outer internal, inside, inner   The external factors, such as weather, can influence the outcome of the experiment.
reasoning (n) reason (n): lý do


logic, thought, analysis mindlessness, guess abstract reasoning Her logical reasoning skills allowed her to solve complex problems effectively.
intellectual (adj) intellect (n): trí tuệ

intellectually (adv): về mặt trí tuệ

smart, genius, intelligent dense, dumb, simple, silly   The professor is known for his intellectual prowess and groundbreaking research.
recognition (n) recognitive (adj): thuộc nhận thức perception, discovery disregard, denial, unaware gain recognition

public recognition

Her hard work and dedication earned her the recognition she deserved.
appreciation (n) appreciate (v): đánh giá cao

appreciative (adj): đáng khen ngợi

respect, cherish, honor dislike, hate, objection gain the appreciation

show deep appreciation

Expressing appreciation for someone’s efforts can boost their morale.
sensitivity (n) sensitive (adj): nhạy cảm

sensitively (adv): một cách nhạy cảm

thoughtfulness, understanding ignorance, insensitivity a lack of sensitivity She showed sensitivity and empathy towards her friend’s feelings.
integration (n)   emergence, mixing, union seperation, split, break economic integration

stimulate intergration

The company is working on the integration of different departments to improve efficiency.
reliable (adj) reliability (n): độ tin cậy

reliably (adv): đáng tin cậy

trusty, dependable uncertain, untrustworthy pretty reliable The reliable car never failed to start, even in harsh weather conditions.
interpersonal (adj)   bond, involved     Effective communication is crucial for strong interpersonal relationships.
moral (adj) moral (n): đạo đức

moralize (v): bàn về đạo đức

proper, true, right-minded wrong, dishonest, bad   He always made decisions based on his strong moral principles.
expansive (adj) expansion (n): sự bành trướng

expansively (adv): một cách bành trướng

wide, borad, widespread limited, narrow, small   The hotel offers expansive views of the ocean from its top floor.
foster (v)   promote, raise, nurture, help neglect, abandon carefully foster

be designed to foster

The organization works to foster a sense of community and support.
disagreement (n) disagree (v): không đồng ý dispute, debate, quarrel approval, deal, agreement serious disagreement

family disagreement

Despite their disagreement on certain issues, they respected each other’s opinions.

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