IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1
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IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1

Trên đây là những từ vựng tổng hợp từ IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1. Học thêm những từ sau đây cùng TDP IELTS nhé.

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1 - TDP IELTS
IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1 – TDP IELTS

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Reading Test 1: Why We Need To Protect Polar Bears

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1.1

Bài Reading Test 1.1 thuộc cuốn IELTS Cambridge 16 có rất nhiều từ vựng IELTS bổ ích, bạn có thể tham khảo phía bên dưới nhé:



Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
threaten (v) threat (n): mối đe dọa danger, risk safety threaten the life The suspect was arrested for making violent threats against the government officials.
consequence (n) consequent (adj): do đó

consequently (adv): hậu quả là

outcome, event, result     Speeding on the highway can have serious consequences, including accidents and fines.
obese (adj) obesity (n): bệnh béo phì fat, chubby skinny, slender, slim   Being obese can lead to various health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.
mystery (n) mysterious (adj): huyền bí puzzle, riddle, secret open book unsolved mystery

great mystery

The disappearance of the famous author remains a mystery to this day.
density (n) dense (adj): dày đặc solidity   average density

population density

traffic density

The city’s high population density results in crowded streets and public spaces.
insufficient (adj) sufficient (adj): đầy đủ

sufficiency (n): sự sung túc

sufficiently (adv)

lacking, poor, inadequate enough, plentiful, full   The evidence presented in the case was insufficient to convict the defendant.
starvation (n) starve (v): bỏ đói

starved (adj): đói

hunger, poor diet, famine fullness, glut oxygen starvation

starvation wages

In some parts of the world, millions of people face the daily struggle of starvation.
pregnancy (n) pregnant (adj): mang thai child-bearing, reproduction   early pregnancy

healthy pregnancy

unplanned pregnancy

The couple was overjoyed to learn about the pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of their first child.

evidence (n) evident (adj): hiển nhiên, rõ ràng proof, fact, witness disproof clear evidence

valuable evidence

false evidence

The detective gathered crucial evidence from the crime scene to solve the case.
manipulate (v) manipulation (n): sự vận dụng

manipulator (n): người điều khiển

exploit, control, manage support, fix, mishandle skilfully manipulate

easily manipulate

The unethical politician tried to manipulate public opinion by spreading false information.
frustration (n) frustrate (v): làm thất vọng

frustrated (adj): thất vọng

annoyance, disappoinment delight, joy sense of frustration

considerable frustration

After numerous attempts, he couldn’t solve the challenging puzzle, leading to frustration.
astonishing (adj) astonishment (n): sự kinh ngạc

astonish (v): làm kinh ngạc

astonishingly (adv): một cách kinh ngạc

surprising, unexpected ordinary, usual   The magician performed an astonishing trick that left the audience in awe.
extinction (n) extinct (adj): bị tuyệt chủng loss, destruction rescue, save, preservation on the edge of extinction

mass extinction

Several species are facing the threat of extinction due to habitat loss and climate change.
disappearance (n) disappear (v): biến mất vanish, loss, fading arrival, stay, emergence mysterious disappearance The sudden disappearance of the treasure baffled the archaeologists.

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 Reading Test 2: The Step Pyramid of Djoser

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1.2

TDP IELTS gửi đến bạn một số từ vựng IELTS Topic: Archeology từ Cambridge 16 Reading test 1.2:



Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
enormous (adj) enormousness (n): sự to lớn

enormously (adv): rất lớn

huge, vast, gigantic tiny, micro, mini, trivial   The elephant’s size was enormous, making it one of the largest land animals.
impressive (adj) impress (v): gây ấn tượng

impression (n): sự ấn tượng

impressively (adv): một cách ấn tượng

affecting, provoking modest, normal, usual fairly impressive

highly impressive

The acrobat’s performance was truly impressive, showcasing incredible strength and agility.
historian (n) history (n): lịch sử

historic (adj): mang tính lịch sử

professor   official historian

local historian

The historian spent years researching ancient civilizations to write a comprehensive book.
investigate (v) investigation (n): sự điều tra

investigator (n): người điều tra

examine, study, search overlook, ignore, neglect extensively investigate

thoroughly investigate

The detective was assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a famous celebrity.
experimentation (n) experimental (adj): thực nghiệm

experimenter (n): người thử nghiệm

test, research, examination     Scientific breakthroughs often result from rigorous experimentation and observation.
region (n) regional (adj): mang tính khu vực


area, zone, site, location   remote region

industrial region

populated region

The desert region experiences scorching temperatures during the day and chilly nights.
accomplishment (n) accomplished (adj): trọn vẹn, hoàn hảo

accomplish (v): đạt được

achievement, success, victory nonfulfillment, failure significant accomplishment Winning the championship was a significant accomplishment for the young athlete.
discourage (v) discouraged (adj): nản lòng

discouragement (n): việc không tán thành

frustrate, bother, frighten encourage, prompt strongly discourage

actively discourage

Despite facing setbacks, she refused to let anything discourage her from pursuing her dreams.
archaeologist (n) archeology (n): khảo cổ học

archaeological (adj): mang tính khảo cổ

      The archaeologist unearthed ancient artifacts that provided insights into a lost civilization.
excavate (v) excavation (n): sự khai quật

excavator (n): người khai quật

dig, shovel cover, fill, bury completely excavate

partially excavate

The team of archaeologists began to excavate the buried ruins of an ancient city.
valuables (n) valuable (adj): quý giá treasure, property, belongings Debts   The museum displayed a collection of valuables, including precious gems and historical artifacts.
astonish (v) astonishment (n): sự kinh ngạc

astonished (adj): kinh ngạc

amaze, stun, surprise calm, bore   The magician’s tricks never failed to astonish the audience.
amaze (v) amazement (n): sự kinh ngạc

amazed (adj): bất ngờ

impress, surprise, stun dull, depress   The breathtaking view from the mountaintop amazed everyone who witnessed it.
exaggeration (n) exaggerate (v): phóng đại

exaggerated (adj): mang tính phóng đại

exaggeratedly (adv): một cách phóng đại

boasting, excess, emphasis Restraint   Her description of the fish she caught seemed like an exaggeration, but it was indeed enormous
constitute (v) constitution (n): sự thành lập

constitutive (adj): thiết lập

form, make up, establish break, seperate, discharge   The five elements constitute the fundamental building blocks of the universe, according to some beliefs.
evolution (n) evolutionary (adj): tiến hóa

evolutionist (n): người mở mang

growth, progress, rise decline, throwback gradual evolution

natural evolution

human evolution

Biologists study the process of evolution to understand how species change over time.
revolutionary (adj) revolution (n): cuộc cách mạng

revolutionize (v): cách mạng hóa

innovative, advanced, new common, ordinary, old  

The invention of the internet was a revolutionary advancement in the field of communication.

 Reading Test 3: The Future Of Work

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1.3

Từ vựng IELTS chủ đề Business được tổng hợp bên dưới. Các bạn có thể tham khảo và note lại kiến thức cho mình nhé!

  WF Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
consultancy (n) consultant (n): người tư vấn chat, counsel, discussion     She started her own consultancy firm, providing expert advice to businesses in need.
automation (n) automate (v): tự động hóa

automatic (adj): tự động

automatically (adv): một cách tự động

computerization physical work, manual labour   The introduction of automation in the manufacturing process significantly increased productivity.
disruptive (adj) disrupt (v): làm gián đoạn

disruption (n): sự gián đoạn

disruptively (adv): một cách gián đoạn

break, destroy supportive, repair highly disrupted The new technology had a disruptive impact on traditional industries, forcing them to adapt.
fundamental (adj) fundament (n): nguyên tắc cơ bản basic, key, simple complex, advanved absolutely fundamental Understanding basic mathematical principles is fundamental to solving complex problems.
judgement (n) judge (v): đánh giá

judge (n): thẩm phán

conclusion, opinion confusion, hesitation intuitive judgement

critical judgement

snap judgement

The judge carefully considered all the evidence before making a fair judgement.
legal (adj) legacy (n): di sản

illegal (adj): bất hợp pháp

legally (adv): hợp pháp

official, right, allowed illegal, wrong, improper completely legal The lawyer provided legal counsel to the client regarding their rights and options.
enhancement (n) enhance (v): cải thiện

enhanced (adj): được cải thiện

improvement, development drop, fall, decline   The software update brought significant enhancement to the application’s performance.
consequence (n) consequent (adj)

consequently (adv)

result, outcome, effect, event cause, reason, factor direct consequences

beneficial consequences

lead to the consequences

Ignoring safety protocols can lead to severe consequences, including accidents and injuries.
cognitive (adj) cognition (n): sự nhận thức mental, rational physical, body   The cognitive abilities of the child were far beyond their age group.
profession (n) professional (adj): chuyên nghiệp

professor (n): giáo sư

occupation, job   medical profession She decided to pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor—a noble and respected profession.
observation (n) observe (v): quan sát

observant (n): người quan sát

watch, follow, notice, view ignore, neglect close observation

scientific observation

The scientist made a crucial discovery based on years of careful observation.
instruction (n) instruct (v): hướng dẫn

instructor (n): người hướng dẫn

order, advice, command request clear instruction

verbal instruction

follow the instruction

The teacher provided clear instructions to the students on how to complete the assignment.
objective (n) objective (adj): khách quan

objectively (adv): một cách khách quan

aim, goal, target confusion key objectives

long-term objectives

reach the objectives

The objective of the research was to analyze the impact of climate change on marine life.
trustworthy (adj) trustworthiness (n): sự đáng tin cậy

trust (v): tin tưởng

reliable, honest, sincere doubtful, unfaithful   The company earned a reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy services.
expertise (n) expert (n): chuyên gia master, professor   specific expertise

engineering expertise

The engineer’s expertise in renewable energy was crucial to the success of the project.
retirement (n) retire (v): nghỉ hưu pullout, recession   take early retirement

retirement pension

After decades of hard work, he looked forward to a peaceful retirement.
restrict (v) restriction (n): sự giới hạn

restricted (adj): bị giới hạn

limit, block exceed, widen seriously restrict

further restrict

The new regulations aimed to restrict the use of harmful chemicals in consumer products.
unemployment (n) unemployed (adj): thất nghiệp

employ (v): thuê, mướn

joblessness hire, recruitment a rise in unemployment

unemployment insurance

unemployment rate

The economic downturn resulted in a significant increase in unemployment rates.
redundancy (n) redundant (adj): dư thừa     major redundancies

widespread redundancies

Due to restructuring, many employees faced redundancy, and their positions were eliminated.
thriving (adj) thrive (n): sự thịnh vượng growing, blossom, healthy, boomy lose, poor, fruitless, failing  

The small business grew rapidly and soon became a thriving enterprise in the industry.

Lời Kết

Trên đây là những từ vựng tổng hợp từ IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 16 Reading Test 1. Hy vọng những từ vựng trên sẽ bổ sung phần nào kiến thức cho kỳ thi IELTS General hay Academic của bạn. Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm một trung tâm IELTS chất lượng, TDP IELTS sẽ là một lựa chọn đang tin cậy đấy.

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