IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1
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IELTS reading vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1

Dưới đây là IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1. Học thêm những từ vựng dưới đây cùng TDP IELTS nhé.

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1 - TDP IELTS
                IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1 – TDP IELTS

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Reading Test 1.1: Nutmeg – a valuable spice

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1.1

Cam 15. Test 1.1 – Topic: Navigation

  Wf Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example

costly (adj) cost (n): chi phí

cost (v): tốn, trị giá

expensive, high-end, pricey cheap, inexpensive   The designer handbag was beautiful, but it was also very costly.
medicinal (adj) medicine (n): thuốc healing, remedial toxic, poison   The plant has several medicinal properties and is used to make herbal remedies.
exclusive (adj) exclusion (n): sự loại trừ

exclude (v): loại trừ

single, sole     The boutique offers exclusive designer clothing that you can’t find anywhere else.
merchant (n) merchandise (v): buôn bán dealer, trader, distributor   prominent merchant

timber merchant

merchant fleet

The merchant traveled from town to town, selling his goods in the local markets.


valuable (adj) value (n): giá trị precious, high, expensive, cheap, inexpensive   The antique vase was very valuable and was displayed in a museum.
distribution (n) distribute (v): phân bố

distributor (n): nhà phân phối

division, arrangement   a fair distribution of

global distribution

The company built a robust distribution network to ensure their products reached customers on time.
commercial (adj) commerce (n): thương mại business, trade, financial   TV commercial

make commercials for

The company’s latest ad campaign aimed to boost sales and increase their commercial success.
private (adj) privacy: sự riêng tư secret, hidden public, general, shared   He preferred to keep his personal life private and didn’t share much on social media.
desperate (adj) desperation (n): sự tuyệt vọng hopeless, miserable, sad glad, optimistic make s.b desperate

feel desperate about sth

The family was in a desperate situation and needed immediate financial assistance.


expense (n) expensive (adj): mắc charge, cost, price, money   household expense

management expense

The vacation was a great experience, but it was also a significant expense for the family.

original (adj) origin (n): nguồn gốc

originate (v): bắt đầu

first, initial, early late, final  

The original painting by a famous artist was displayed in the museum.

authority (n)   government, administration   local authority

hold a position of authority

The government has the authority to enforce laws and regulations for the well-being of society.

obstacle (n)   challenge, difficulty   encounter the obstacle

overcome an obstacle

The large boulder on the trail served as a challenging obstacle for hikers to overcome during their trek.

estimate (v) estimation (n): sự đánh giá calculate, predict   accurately estimate

The construction company provided an estimate of the total cost and duration for building the new bridge.

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1 - TDP IELTS
                 IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1 – TDP IELTS

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Reading Test 1.2: Driverless cars

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1.1

Cam 15. Test 1.2 – Topic: Technology

  WF Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
manufacturing (n) manufacture (v): sản xuất

manufacturer (n): nhà sản xuất

forming, making, producing break up, demolish large-scale manufacturing

manufacturing business

manufacturing industry

The company is planning to expand its manufacturing capabilities to meet the increasing demand for its products.
implementation (n) implement (v): thực hiện accomplishment, achievement nonfulfillment achieve implementation

simplify the implementation process

The successful implementation of the new software system streamlined their workflow and improved efficiency.
collision (n)   crash, bump, smash   be involved in a collision The collision between two vehicles resulted in significant damage to both cars.
aim (n) aim (v): nhắm mục đích

aimless (adj): không mục đích

target, purpose   main aim of sth

pursue the aim

short-term aim

Her main aim is to become a successful entrepreneur and create a positive impact on society.
productive (adj) produce (v): xuản xuất

production (n): sự sản xuất

effective, constructive     The team worked together seamlessly and had a highly productive day at the office.
socialise (v) social (adj): hòa đồng associate     After a long week of work, they decided to go out and socialize with friends at a local restaurant.
autonomy (n) autonomous (adj): tự trị freedom, liberty, independent   demand for financial autonomy The employees at the tech startup were given a high level of autonomy to make decisions in their respective roles.
viable (adj) viability (n): khả năng làm được possible, likely unviable   The new business idea seemed viable, with the potential to attract investors and customers.
intensively (adv) intensive (adj): chuyên sâu

intensity (n): cường độ

      They trained intensively for months to prepare for the upcoming sports competition.
boost (v)   raise, elevate, expand     The new marketing campaign helped boost sales and brand awareness for the company.
efficient (adj) efficiency (n): năng suất effective, capable useless, ineffective economically efficient By implementing new processes, the company became more efficient in handling customer inquiries.
specialised (adj) specialist (n): chuyển gia

specialise (v):

exclusive, special, peculiar general, common  

The company offers specialized services that cater to a niche market.

infinite (adj) infinity (n): vô tận endless, unlimited limited  

The concept of infinity is fascinating, as it represents something boundless and limitless, beyond human comprehension.

Reading Test 1.3 What is exploration?

IELTS Reading Vocabulary Cambridge IELTS 15 Reading Test 1.1

Cam 15. Test 1.3 – Topic: Psychology



Family words Synonyms Antonyms Collocations Example
ancestor (n) ancestry (n): tổ tiên

ancestral (adj): (thuộc) tổ tiên

  descendant be descended from a common ancestor

trace the direct ancestor

Researching one’s ancestors can provide valuable insights into their family history and heritage.
existence (n) exist (v): tồn tại

existent (adj): hiện có

reality absence discover an existence

threaten the existence of sth

The question of existence and the meaning of life has puzzled philosophers and thinkers for centuries.
instinct (n) instinctive (adj): thuộc bản năng gifted, talent, knack   powerful instinct

animal instinct

Birds have a natural instinct for migration, allowing them to navigate vast distances during seasonal changes.
remote (adj) remoteness (n): sự xa xôi distant, far close, near geographically remote areas They live in a remote village, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
irrelevant (adj) irrelevance (n): không liên quan

relavant (adj): liên quan

related relevant   His comment was completely irrelevant to the ongoing discussion.
prominent (adj) prominence (n): sự nổi bật brilliant, striking, famous unremarkable,  insignificant   The scientist made a prominent discovery that revolutionized the field of biology.
definite (adj) definitely (adv): chắc chắn certain, fixed, obvious     She had a definite plan in mind for her future career.
isolated (adj) isolate (v): cô lập

isolation (n): sự cô lập

remote, secluded   geographically isolated

physically isolated

The small cabin was isolated in the middle of the forest, providing a peaceful retreat.


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